Perl on Android, Christmas fun

Here's a Perl on Android demo, courtesy of my Cross-Compiling grant, Object-Remote (git repo) (Matt Trout and a bunch of contributors), and James' java-implementation using the same protocol: Object-Remote-Java.

This demo loads (eventually, it's a bit slow) a simple EditText box and a button. which is created using Perl, at runtime. The button can be used to choose a file, and the contents will be loaded into the EditText box, via a callback that is also written in Perl. The file choosing needs the OI File Manager or similar installed on your device.

Download Demo

Christmas fun

Challenge: Add code to the demo Perl program, installed in to make it able to save changes made to the opened file. Add more useful things if you like. Highlighting? New files? Templates?

A 3D print of your choice (as long as it's not a huge one) to the most complete (chosen by me) code, by January 15th.

And now I have to write some documentation...

Object-Remote-Java on Android documentation

RunPerl documentation


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