February 2012 - J&J website

  1. J&J site

January 2012 - WhereTo geo-app

Find out where you can get to with X miles walking from anywhere.

  1. WhereTo

May 2011 - present - DBIx::Class book

After being poked and prodded a lot by chromatic, I started work on the content for a book about DBIx::Class... I'm still working on it!

  1. GitHub DBIC Book repo

February 2011 - User Locator

Had enough of not being able to find other BGG users locally, as the "find user" functionality that BGG supplies can only show/find users in the USA. Pulled the data from the "United Kingdom" page into a local dump and created an OSM map displaying it. Over 9000 UK users with location data!

Current implementation is a bit crude, data is scraped from the BGG pages into a local Storable cache, then geo-located, then pulled from the cache and filtered by page requests. Should probably GitHub this.

  1. BGG User Locator

July 2010 - Docs clean up

Spent some time tidying up the blog software, which I was also using for turning the docs directory. Now it shows the table of contents file (if available) when an unknown file is requested, and supports sub-directories of content.

  1. Documentation - Table of Contents
  2. Documentation - TODO
  3. Contributions to other projects

February 2010 - EPO Grant

I was granted some monies by the Enlightened Perl Organisation to write some docs on using DBIx::Class for SQL hackers. These will be structured a little like the tutorial, but with emphasis placed on conversion from existing SQL usage.

  1. Wiki
  2. Introduction
  3. Database structure

March/April 2009 - Perl Signals

I've started searching for perl signals, see Looking for Perl Signals

  1. Perl Signals (Planet)
  2. Perl Noise (Planet)
  3. Perl Signals (Tumblr)

January 2009 - Blog

Finally replaced my now non-existant Stikkit-based blog with some code of my own, after failing to find anything as useful.

  1. Metablog
  2. Blog (RSS)